Adding new varieties to an established mango tree

I have an established R2E2 seedling mango tree that has been fruiting for the last four years. I also have two seedlings of other varieties that I wish to graft onto it. We are in our fall here and our trees never defoliate. The R2E2 should flush soon and I expect that this is the best time to do the grafting.
I assume that cleft grafts will be the go.
Has anyone advise the best way to do this?


Most mango growers are on a tropical fruit forum which has no relation to this one.

It’s a good forum for tropical/subtropical fruit. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is the member of 6-7 fruit forums am I?

Anyway, they will have good advice for you.

Thanks Kevin.i shall follow up


cleft or whip and tongue are fine for mangos, whichever might be easier for you.

Yep, TFF, F4F (figs), even GardenWeb. Lots of knowledge out there!

Thanks guys, I followed up with TTF and got some comprehensive replies so your advice was great.
Thanks again.