Adding photos to posts


Besides all the available software for resizing, the camera can be set to a lower resolution.


Nice looking tree Mark. The Liberty you sent me last winter is going gangbusters. It was grafted to a more dominant area of the tree, but boy oh boy is it ever growing like mad.

Funny you live in a subdivision type setting, For whatever reason I envisioned you living out on some wide open Montana prairie like Grizzly Adams or


Hi Jeff! Yeah, we're right in the middle of town, but our subdivision has been around for a while- the house is 100 years old. Here's a shot of the tree from the other side, with an old sycamore maple in the background to provide perspective.

Glad your Liberty took off. As I hope I've made clear you can have good years and bad years with this apple, but I like it to eat and cook with, and it makes a decent cider. In the good years it can be delicious. It's kind of tough to manage, but as Alan says "it's a fruit machine."



This was a mistake


Do photo websites such as photobucket take up memory space here? I'm really not that savvy about this stuff.

I see there's an option to upload within this box, but I'm going to assume that using another hosting website is what is preferred, yes?

Then so whatever the size photos are at a hosting website does not matter or said otherwise, will not take away from the memory space here?

Thank you,



That's a good question for the administrator. As of now most people put their photos directly into their post.


This software is designed to keep the photos here so they will stay around even if photo bucket stops working. I don't know if that is the greatest setup but thats how it works. So if you put a photo bucket picture here it will eventually be uploaded to growingfruit. So far we have been OK on picture storage room and as long as disk space keeps getting cheaper we could be OK indefinitely.


Thank you for the info. Scott.



Are you saying Liberty is not a good Apple to grow on a Frankenstein tree? It does grow out of control.


@scottfsmith, I get an error when I try to upload a pic about 2.7 MB in size. I thought the size limit is 4096 kilobytes…or is it kilobits?! :slight_smile:


Hmm… I may have had an incorrect setting when I configured the new proxy server this weekend… try it again and let me know here if it worked. I just tried a large image now and it worked fine for me.

Forum images are migrating to Amazon S3

Worked now!


Cool! I bumped the size back to 2048kb but the upload service should automatically scale images as big as 20MB down to below that. Unless folks really want super high density … I noticed I could read the brand on the flip-flips in one of your pictures when I zoomed in :slight_smile:


That’s fine with me. Most of the photos I post are from my cell phone. It takes 12mp photos that are typically 3.5mb each. It can be a pain in the butt resizing them or dumbing them down manually in order to upload them so it’s nice that we can upload the original picture without messing with it. What it ultimately gets stored at I personally don’t care.

I am a member of metalworking forum and their uploads are limited to 75kb! It’s terrible and the worst part is that their forums do not automatically resized. So every time I want to post a pic I have to crop it down and resize the image in order for it to be under 75kb. That usually means 640x480 and low res. No zooming in on those pictures. :triumph:


Why can’t the administrator just have the paperclip item here to add a photo? So many other sites do this. I’m no computer genius, not what I do for a living, so why not make it easy for us computer dummies to just click and add a photo? I’ve got pictures I’d like to add but I’m really not gong to add yet more programs to my computer just to add photos. Just my rant, thanks for reading.
I’ve tried clicking and dragging, no luck. Clicking “copy” and “paste”, again no luck.


@MikeC Drag and drop from the pictures folder to the forum reply box looks like it works for me.

Instead of an attachment paperclip the forum has an upload button that works the same way. Copying and pasting works for a picture on the internet, but not one that is on your computer.


I tried dragging the pics on my computer to the reply box but it does not work. Ugg
So frustrating.
I do appreciate your suggestions. Time to go to the computer store.


Have you tried a different internet browser? I’m using Chrome.


True, I may use a different browser. I never thought if that. Perhaps that is the answer. I know some browsers have quite a few quirks. I’ll try it tomorrow. Too frustrated tonight.


I’m kind of surprised to read this comment as I’ve always thought this forum was the easiest I ever used as far as adding photos to your posts. There are multiple ways to add photos to your reply including cut and paste, drag and drop, and the most obvious is to click the button I circled in the image below and it will allow you to select any image from your PC.