Adding photos to posts


Me too as this is by far the easiest site to upload a photo, one click, not sure how you make that easier? Many sites require a smaller size so you have to resize the photo.


Yeah, I added a photo, finally!


I used a different browser. Now I can add a photo. TY for this suggestion.


Most people on this forum (it seems) have PCs and not Macs. So, I don’t know how useful this suggestion will be. But - I have found that if I email a photo to myself - (either from my phone or from my computer’s Apple Mail program) - I get to choose which size I want to send the photo. It ‘asks’ if I want to send Small/Medium/Large or Actual Size. And it tells you how many kbs or mbs the photo is at each ‘category’.
I don’t know if this helps - or if in other mail clients you will get the same choice. ?
Maybe this sounds like too much trouble, although it is far less trouble than fiddling with photos in Photoshop or other image editors.
Just for my convienience, I have a folder on my computer for ‘Small Photos’ - so that I can access them easily . . . but I find it very useful. Most of these photos get shared several times and it keeps me from having to redo the ‘shrinking’ process over and over!


I just tried the drag and drop, straight from an email. It worked fine! I am on a MacBookPro, and using Chrome browser. Very easy way, instead of searching through ‘Photos’ for an image.
But, the ‘upload’ button, in the menu, works great too.

@scottfsmith scottfsmith Just an aside . . . I was on the Houzz site and in the gardening section - and there you were too! So funny to ‘see a guy I don’t know - that I know’ on another site! Hope that makes sense!
There were some posts about pomegranates - and I was interested in hearing what those folks had to say.

Again - thanks for all you do in creating and maintaining this forum! - karen AKA KikiVA


Its the ghost of scottfsmith’s past over there, I stopped visiting some time ago. I hope Google eventually decides some posts are too old and stops pointing people to them, but since new followups get added they may never get the hint.


Everyone here should stop by huzz about once a year just as a reminder of how much better this is. I went there accidentally a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t get backed out fast enough.


Derby42, Most posts seemed quite ancient! I wanted to respond to a couple . . . but what’s the use? The last time someone was there, was in 2015! @#$%T^YU&I*O!!!


I use Mac products. TY for the information.


Mike, Macs and PCs get along so much better than they ever did before, but sometimes there are situations that are really designed for use with a PC. This forum is tricky to ‘get the hang of’, when you are used to Apple ‘thinking’. (so much easier in most cases - the Apple way) And if you have a newer Mac - they’ve gotten so complicated, that sometimes I think I must be on a PC! But, there are multiple ways to work with photos. And you can find an easy one, that works for you.
I really find that for use in sharing on the web - like this situation - when you have a photo that you want to use - rename it and store it in a folder that you create on your desktop, called ‘Gardening’ or even named for this forum. It saves a LOT of time, in the long run. You always know where it is - and you don’t have to go searching through all of your photos. (That got really tiring!)
How did you end up getting a photo uploaded? I played with this site - hovering over all the buttons, etc, to see what they did. I like that it is easy to format the text - with italics or BOLD or make a list, etc. (But, I’m kind of type-nerdy that way. I’m a graphic designer.)


I use all Mac products and don’t have a problem. Granted it is easier to upload from my phone but my laptop works well too as long as I have moved the photos out of Mac Prison, aka Photos into another folder. Your tip is good to create a GF folder on my desktop so I will put that into use. But I really like the ability to format the text you type.



Katy! I like that! And it’s so true. Mac Prison AKA Photos. WHAT were they thinking?