Advice on getting Gisela 6 rootstock to sucker?


A couple years ago I watched a youtube video about making rootstock on apples and then I did the same for cherries. It did not work. I just chopped my tree and nothing sprouted. It just died.

I want to try again and ideally not kill my tree.

Expired patent here:

The patent says when they studied it, they got zero suckers. So it seems like this is going to be a challenge. So far my plan is to tie a metal tie at the base and be patient. I was hoping maybe a slower choking off of the base might get some suckering? Is it ever possible to cut out a root and get a new tree that sprouts up? Any other suggestions?

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This is the tree

Follow up on this:

I saw no evidence this was working so I removed the metal (maybe too early?)

I tried an alternate approach today. I dug a half donut around 180 degrees of the trunk, severing some lateral roots and allowing the severed root branches to be exposed to the air.

My understanding is branches make auxins that make roots grow and roots make cytokinins that make branches grow. So if I sever the root, all those cytokinins will got to the root tip and tell it to make a branch. We will see if this works.

I think the easiest way would probably be to let it grow bush style (lots of smaller branches) prune those of in the winter. Dig up some roots and root graft them.
I dunno if your allouwed for gisela 6 though. I think it still has breeders rights.

As far as i understand it your auxine/cytokine story is correct. Reality is more complex but this seems a good approximation.

as far as i understood it, the hormones mainly got produced by the tips growing. (both shoot and root tips)

And that auxines mostly move with gravity, and cytokines against.
If been planning to plant somthing thats hard to sucker in a pot. And after a while lay it down, so the roots are higher than the branches. Maybe hang it upside down even, like you can do whith tomato’s. And see if that helps it to sucker.

Probably root grafting will be the easiest fix though. I tested a few last year. neglected them badly. but some still made it. Those where apples though.

Another thing that somtimes helps, is making the plant grow shoots from below soil level. Young growing shoots growing trough dirt seems to help them root. As opposed to trying to root them once they went woody.