Advice on new Takaka pineapple guave and Gold Rush Apple graft

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UPS just delivered my one gallon Takaka Pineapple guava from Burnt Ridge nursery. I also had question about my grafted Gold rush apple on Bud10 root stock. For reference I am in zone 8b about an hour from Seattle WA. Some questions about both.

  1. Should the Takaka be up potted, planted in the ground, or left in the one gallon pot. See pics. Should I protect it this winter or would it be okay to leave out over winter.

  2. The Gold rush was grafted in late March. So basically the same questions as above.

I was pretty happy with Burnt Ridge since this is the first time ordering from them.

Thank you,

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So, I’m in an 8B, but a different type than you (in SE not NW). But I wouldn’t plant anything now unless you are committed to watering daily if you have to. I would keep them in the pots, water and fertilize well, then plant in the spring. Graft unions are also tender the first year, so you could protect them from frosts, birds, rabbits, deer, etc for now, then the plant would become tougher when you plant it out…


I have one of those Takaka’s also and it actually produced a fruit,at about that size.I protect mine in winter,in a small greenhouse.A couple of other Feijoas,had die back at about 15F.Being small like yours,protecting will be wise.
The plant can stay in that pot this year or put in a bigger one.
Apples aren’t my thing.

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This is my 2 year old Takaka, planted outside against west wall with polycarbonate sides. Protected this past winter with lights and reemay bag. Low here was 7F. No damage. No flower buds.

This is Anatoki. Same location but no protection from western wall. Lost 1/2 its leaves. Yet has first time flower buds!


Good advice from @manfromyard, but I would consider planting this fall (I’m in the same PNW zone as you). I have switched to planting out most of my potted plants in the fall instead of the spring, and I have more success that way. I would pot up that Feijoa.

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I’m 8a/b in the South. I planted a one gallon Takaka in late June of last year. It watered it some, but honestly not all that much, over the summer. This past winter it handled upper teens without any issue.

I’d say put it in the ground. It’s going to need time to put on good root growth so that next year it can put on good vegetative growth so that the following year it can start producing good fruit. Why delay all that by another year?


I would either uppot the Takaka or plant it now in ground. It is too small a pot for that plant.
When they are that small they are much more susceptible to cold. Let them grow a nice root system before winter comes.

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We do not get hardly any deer but we do have a lot of rabbits around. They did chew on a lot of my fig trees and killed my Grantham’s Royal and Olympian, but have not touched my Nikita or Unique pineapple guava’s. So I thought that for some reason they won’t mess with pineapple guavas.

Hi Ram,
Yep, in the ground it is going to go. Thanks!

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Good point. I lost several young potted seedlings this winter. The seedlings that were in the ground didn’t have any issues.