Advice on pluots and chill hours

I am in zone 10- east county san diego, have chill hours from 100-400, it does get hot in the summer.
I really want a green gage plum, but requires 700 chill hours.
I actually messaged walter anderson and he said his parents had a green gage but was in bay ho, which has about 400 or less chill hours, a couple people advice me to return the tree. Anyone grew a green gage that’s outside of your chill hours?
Will it work if I put ice on it from Oct to December to help with chill hours?

Since, I prefer green plums and pluots over the purple variety, my other options are a flavor grenade, emerald drop or shiro, anyone who had tasted all of them and if so which pluot tastes the best?

my last question, if you have a snow queen nectarine, would you get a spice zee nectaplum as well? Are they very close in taste?

TIA for the advices