Aftermath of a microburst

Huge storm came through. Fruit trees are ok. Veggie plants are mostly unbroken, but just about everything in the garden is now leaning in the same direction at about 30° off center. Should I try to stand everything back up or just let them go?

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I bet a lot of it stands back up on its own, but if it is something that would normally be staked like tomatoes and peppers and they are not yet start there.

I stood up the sweet corn and maters. Potatoes and onions took a beating, but while the aesthetics are not as appealing, same thing happened last year and they still produced.

beautiful plants!

Wow, you got nailed! The same storm moved through here not long after you but we didn’t get much from it.

I had a big blackberry shoot fall over in a storm a few weeks ago, I stood it back up but unfortunately it had snapped at the base and died. Fortunately your plants should be OK.

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winds. 1.12” of rain in 20 minutes.

This is how i learned about microbursts