All-in-one almond on myrobalan 29c?

Bay Laurel has myro 29c listed as good for almonds. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I’m asking because I have planted two montmorency cherry in a particular place, and both have died. I have some myro rootstock ordered, and will try to get all- in-one almond scion, and graft a tree for that spot (grown out for a year in another location) if that would work for that cultivar.
The other option is to bud some cherry roots I have to montmorency, and just replace the tree.
Ideas or suggestions?

(The other montmorency 20’ away is doing great)

I would be interested in this too. Dave Wilson’s website says there is some incapatability between myrobalan 29c and almonds. Here it says ‘most almonds’ are compatible. And here it says it’s not recommended. Most places I’ve searched don’t list Myrobalan29C as a rootstock for almond BUT it seems like it might work for some varieties.
Maybe someone here has tried it.

I’m sure willing to try ten or so trees, if anyone can send me scion.

Or maybe someone could suggest an interstem option?

I have an All In One almond but it is small - finished its 2nd leaf. That said, I could send you some scions but the caliper would be small. PM me if you are interested.

Hello Anne.
I’m sorry to be so late in responding.
If the offer is still good, I would love to try some almonds on myro 29c
I understand small scions…or only a few of them. :blush:
Pm sent.