All Sorts of Fruiting Vines

I saw no other topic like this, so I made one. This is a place to share photos and discuss what you own, what interests you, what failed or became invasive, tips how to succeed, and ask questions about any kind of fruit grown on.a vine!

I have 2 grapes (Concord and Catawba, both dark), male mini kiwi, new baby passionfruit (mislabled), and schisandra chinensis eastern prince.

I want to buy a female mini kiwi, one day a different type grape, see if I can over winter this passiflora edulis/ maypop with a photo on tag not like either, and have never seen or tasted schisandra and would like to hear more from those who have.

drew51 has tasted them from his vine. mines too young yet.

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I planted a male and female hardy kiwi, but they are tiny babies now, and no idea how they’ll do. I’ll be interested to follow this thread!

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i have 2 females and a male. they are very slow to establish for me. i may have over fertilized.

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I also have two females and a male hardy kiwis. They didn’t look promising the first two years but now they are really taking off. They want to climb.


My kolomikta kiwis taste about the same as the store Hayward ones. I got a good crop last year. I’m not a huge kiwi fan, but fun to go out and nibble, plus we made jam from them.


I have had 3 arctic beauty kiwi vines for 4 years, last year was the first time they really grew, they had buds coming and then we had a frost and even though I covered them they died back. They are recovering but no blooms. I have about 20 more vines of Geneva, Ken’s Red, Prolific and Issai in my orchard. I also have a couple of Issai at my house, they are slow but I did get a few fruit last year and they are covered with buds right now (they managed to avoid the frost since my house is surrounded by woods). They are a few years old.
I also have grapes that have really not grown-Catawba, Mars, Concord. No idea what I am doing with the grapes, they just must hate my soil since they haven’t grown more than a foot each season I’ve had them.
I have one maypop at home-I take it in during winter and out for summer.

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I have 6 female and 2 male hardy kiwi and a bunch of 1 and 2 year old babies. Arctic Beauty, I think. We got some crop last year. They were quite tasty so I’m happy with them. The biggest issue so far has been that they are taking heavy bunny damage.
The only other thing I’ve had trouble with the buns has been sorrel but they love the kiwi. One male has been killed and 2 of the females are about the same size as the babies.
At least they propagate super easily.
I’ve got a plan to hopefully give them some protection thus coming winter so hopefully that will help.
2 grapes as well, but I had to move them this spring so that will have set them back.

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You know what? As a teenager the kiwi was so new to me that I ate a lot. One day I realized my mouth swelling. I cannot eat them since.

But when I tried mini kiwis no problem! It tasted better to me too, the variety I found in store. Finding one I like that likes me back is what I long for!

And additionally my female had died in same area the star jasmine had died. I had assumed too hot direct sun, but noticed some rodent had been digging holes in the dirt there deeply and it may have preventef roots from getting to soil. Star jazmine was replaced, but they ran out of female mini kiwi, except for the gigantic vines which as Issai and I have tasted one and do not prefer it.

My male was about 15 feet away,no damage. It remained about 2 feet tall. But yesterday I noticed it is not just the Snow Queen passionflower that is growing there, the male kiwi is sending up a string vine, about 4 feet tall! Both of these plants I put just a couple feet apart, and seem so far to like it. No disease, no bug or slug damage, very green so no lack of nutrtion.

My soil is very rocky clay. Grapes never have been given any fertilizer and like just being left alone.

Too bad they have eaten so much, but guess that shows how yummy that variety is. In a way we cannot blame them. My cat will eat to death my honeyberry plant if I do not pull her away.

My grapes were planted about 6 years ago, I have to check. First 2 years they did not need support. Third year I had to hurry and get an arbor up! I got both from Monrovia at a local nursery that still sells those varieties. They taste similar, but different, and one ripens a couple weeks before the other. If I knew then what I know now I would have gotten only one, Concord seedless likely, because I got seeded. I would like either mini champagne grapes or muscadines, because those in store are so good. I would have prefered one a white, or at least give me a full month between harvests! Two plants even heavily pruned overwhelms me with all at once baskets full.

If we are counting raspberries as vines i have absolute tons and they are very successful here.
Eastern prince schizandra berry survived its first winter and has started growing well its second year.
Maypop grew well but did not seem to overwinter and it was mulched.
Grapes do decent but need about the maximum amount of water i am willing to give my plants once established. This year many buds got hit by our freeze last week and are very slowly recovering. (mars, neptune, St theresa).
Sadly the zone 5 kolomitka and arguta kiwis wanted far too much water for my semi arid location.

Makes sence. I live in a rainforrest.My yard in spring is mushy wet. Iris love it. Guess the grapes do too! To prevent my various trees from rotting I either have them in pots or I used store bought peat moss and made a very raised mound to help them not drown. After 1 year, the cherry and plum seem to be ok.

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