All things tractors thread


It says this on the Wiki-

In North America, they have been sold as LG Montana, Montana, Farmtrac LandTrac, LongAgri LandTrac, McCormick Tractors and Landini.

I have seen Farmtrac and McCormick tractors.


New Holland Ag also imports LS tractors to resell as LS-New Holland. (They originally had agreements with Fiat, which purchased New Holland. New Holland is a division of CNH Global).

I was wondering if it might have had a New Holland connection given its blue color. Not that that means anything, but in the tractor world, color kinda tells you what the company might be. But man, it’s hard to tell who owns who now.


Got my tractor out today, I haven’t mowed our pasture all summer and it looks like a savanna out there, so thought I should bush hog it, prob tomorrow. It’s just full of flowering weeds and my allergies are in full force this year, so that will be pleasant.

I made the mistake of trying to hook up the 3 point by myself, I took prob 15-20 minutes trying to back up to that blasted bush hog hitch, and just couldn’t get the two lower hitches to line up. Sigh.

I gave up and had to ask my wife to help me line it up and hook it up finally. That took abt 5 minutes. Took a little longer to get the PTO shaft attached, but it’s ready to go for tomorrow.


It’s a South Korean Tractor. It has had problems getting into the Mainstream because of Reliability. I left a few Links above that will give you the story on LS tractors…along with some real life reviews. The one in my town went out of business due to lack of corporate backing a few years ago…


WIKI is crap… Sorry, It just is…


Yah, it is for political stuff, but it is okay for some other things. I was on it last night reading up on the classic old Hollywood stars, don’t know how reliable the info is, but thought it was interesting reading about Bogart, Sinatra, Spencer Tracy, Lauren Bacall, etc.


I don’t have a number or percentage that it may be accurate, My trouble with it is that it is Edited by THE PEOPLE…supposedly. The ones that want what they want pay people to edit it. True story


Sorry, Derek, I guess we didn’t give you a decent price to offer on that LS, but at least you have some opinions and more info on the brand. What were you considering for your bid?


i found out it’s a 2013, not sure i should bother with it now. no dealers close to me and they don’t sound super reliable. i was thinking 20k would b a reasonable selling price but you never know at auctions. trying to figure out what would be a price low enough to outweigh the negatives. im thinking 15k might be close…


Yeah I was thinking about $20k, don’t know if it was justified. Since you prob won’t bid on it, it may still be interesting to see what it goes for.

My JD tractor is 30 plus years old, and I’ve had issues with it (see up thread). Plus it won’t start sometimes, but I think that’s because of some shifter interlock issue. Otherwise it’s been pretty reliable for me. Buying anything used is a risk, but sometimes it pays off.


#1 most important thing is a reliable local dealer for parts and support. I have multiple brands I’d like to consider, but nearest dealer is 100+ miles…


I went with LS because there are 2 good LS dealers within 30 miles of me, otherwise would have gone with a different brand. I’m a tractor novice and thus did not feel comfortable buying used and like the 6 year LS warranty


Did you bid?


rain yesterday so suction is today now. gonna check it out unless something comes up.


We finally pulled the trigger on a dump trailer. We saw this at the Woodsmen’s Field Days in Boonville, NY (Outdoors with the Morgan’s filmed a couple days there this year) and we went to check it out a couple weeks after. We’ve wanted one for a while and it has already been really helpful. We use it “off-road” mostly but it’s road legal and has pull out ramps in the back so we can load the 4-Wheelers or Gator in it. So far we’ve been able to get all the pine logs that were too big to chip out of the future orchard site. We cut them into 2’ lengths and the neighbor across the street took them to burn in his outdoor boiler for fall heat. Now I’m moving the piles of wood chips out of the field so we can plow and seed. Hope to have the rest of the stumps pulled this fall and they will be disposed of off-site. Final count on trees removed was 977. The only issue with this trailer so far is a crappy battery that runs the hydraulic lift. A deep cycle replacement is going to be a necessary improvement/replacement.


Tractor went for 19,500, about 4500 more than what I wanted to pay. Also it was kept outside and wasnt well taken care of, the radiator was almost completely plugged with grass/dirt, etc… Also it appeared one of the front wheels was just slightly angled wrong, not a good thing IMO. Ive been looking at some auctions and it seems like there are a lot of 50s, 60s and 70s tractors available at auctions, but not nearly as many 80s, 90s and 2000s, at least in the smaller size class. Were the older tractors just built better or what? Or maybe everyone moved to larger equipment after that time period?


I suspect the old ones were just built better

Certainly true with home appliances


Well, I wasn’t too far off, but with all those issues with it, it’s prob not worth that much.

I agree with Lois, those smaller to medium sized tractors were prob built better. I see lots of older tractors around here, I think their appeal is that they might be easier to work on, that is, if you can get parts. Mine was made in 1981, and I haven’t had a problem getting parts.


I went to kabota dealerships and look at a L 2501, diesel, bucket, boxblade, $ 18200. New.
Looking at the driveline, this thing is well built, optional fat tires including. Why bother with a used one.
Had an old Ford diesel tractor with a drag blade only and a smaller Kubota,21 hp, too small.
I might get one next spring. Dealer have a used one similar to the L2501, 2012, 700 hr for $ 11900. Asking price. No hst. In 2012 you can buy that tractor for less than 15 g,s with trailer. That is holding their value .


I had the L3200 and it was bulletproof


I understand demand for used tractors is up because people are trying to avoid the DPF Regneration required on all current diesel tractors.