All things tractors thread


Yes, the older models held up really well and are very easy to work on. I currently have an old Ford 3000 from 68. I can rebuild the engine for $400 as long as I don’t have to mess with the crank. You can buy any part you need for it with no problem. I am looking at buying a larger new tractor simply because it is not large enough to some of the things I want to do, but it is a real workhorse for it’s size. It runs around 38 HP at the PTO.


130hrs is practically new. I have a 2012 open station LS 4041H that had 70hours on it when I bought it in 2013 and I paid 20K for it. Mine is tier 3, I think the XR is tier 4, but I’d have to look it up. It’s been a great tractor. That cab tractor with forks for 19,500, someone got a great deal IMO. I think that tractor was about 30K new. Hydrostatic drive is great for loader work. They loose a little pto power, but the ability to drive as slowly as the power will handle makes up for it.

I believe LS makes New Holland’s boomer series, they are just cheaper without the New Holland decals. They also have a different loader than the boomers, lower lift height with higher lift capacity, if I remember correctly. I lift some big logs for my sawmill with mine. I wouldn’t be afraid to buy an LS, lots of tractor for the money.


I’d consider LS, except that the “dealers” in my area are sole proprietors selling from home, and they’re not really young either. Not sure how much parts/service support I’d get now, much less in a few years when they probably call it quits.

Kubota dealer rents new tractors to local vineyards for harvest, then sells them “new” with 100-200 hours on them and a discount, so I’ll see what I can get.


Here you would pay nearly the same for a new as a 1-200 hour tractor. The Used are at a premium in Florida. We have the same issue with LS here. I really didn’t mean to insinuate they are a bad tractor. I don’t think they are. Just taking care of them and a good dealer system is very hard to find.


Yeah, I think that for the much lower price the cheaper tractors like LS are probably fine, as long as you have good support and reasonable expectations. In my area, the only dealers with real support and a stock of parts are Kubota, NH and JD. I would love the chance to check out a MF, Kioti, etc. dealer, but they’re too far away to easily get anything in a hurry.