Almond ID? Is this a safe variety?

These almonds were grown in Republic Washington and unlike any almond I’ve seen or tasted before. I have some concern about what they actually are and if they are safe.
The flavor is strong and cherry like. Shell is so hard, a hammer is necessary to open. Opinions?

Look a little like my halls hardy almond but I would not describe the flavor as cherry. I don’t know how you would tell the difference between those and peach pits, they look very similar to me.

Thank you. After more research, I feel confident these are indeed a almond/peach cross like your hall’s hardy. That gives me concern about the toxicity, why would someone cross a almond with a fruit that has a toxic seed like a peach?
I think I’ll throw mine out, the two I ate gave me a stomach ache. I’d really like to grow one as a ornamental but since I live in town, I wouldn’t want someone to ever collect and eat the seeds.

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They look like peach x almond hybrids.

The scion probably died and the roorstock took over.

After some more investigating, I found out this is a reliable almond from raintree which is indeed a almond x peach hybrid. Not sure if I want to eat the ones I have but I will try growing some. If nothing else they sound like nice ornamentals or rootstock for peaches.

In my search for past info on almonds, I ran across this thread and bumped it up …just to see if there’s if there is some new news on this front.

This is a ‘Reliance’ almond from the Washington State extension service in Mt Vernon, Washington. (It does look different that the nut Gmenne listed above.) I picked this nut last week off WSU’s labeled tree. I ate it. Not at all bitter with a strong almond extract taste. Good enough to want to grow - the only problem was that the nut need a hammer to crack!

Maybe soft-shell almonds like Prima or All-In-One are the way to go for backyard gardeners.
Anyone growing these?