Amadiocots are ripe

Did anyone I sent wood to get a take?


Holy Cow Eric!!! I wish I will live long enough to see a tree like that in person! The cots look pretty as a picture! You’re killing us!!!


Mrs G you are easily excitable! I love it. The tree is loaded this year. I just wish these were easier to handle. They bruise so easy that we loose alot from just the handling of putting them into the plastic boxes. It doesnt show up until the next day. Its the opposite of what you might want in a commercial apricot. But its the perfect backyard tree.



I grafted 3 Amadiocot scions last week. I just checked and the buds showed some pushing. Looking good.
Btw, any of those Kaki scions take.

All of them did Tony. They look amazing. Out of the 100 or so varieties I grafted this year all but a very few didnt take. We have nice warm springs that make grafting very reliable here.

That’s a major Holy Cow, right there, sir!

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Wow…look great and man you’ve got enough! 102F at the airport in Phoenix today…those Cots must be cooking on the tree.

That is one impressive tree and production!!

How does it taste? Do you know the brix?

Nah. 102 aint nuthin. We will have stuff ripening in 110 in June. Does just fine. We are having a pretty huge crop of most everything this year that didnt need to cross pollinate. Our bee guy rooked us on bees this year and it showed in the cherries and certain plums. But peaches, apricots, apples and most my pears are looking real good. We have been harvesting about 400 peaches a day lately, and that isnt hardly touching whats out in the field still.

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Best tasting apricot ive ever put in my mouth. Far more like a fully ripe peach in its juiciness. None of that apricot dryness.


May I be on your list for its scionwood this early, please?

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Tomcot is like that…very juicy.

102F? I can’t say that i know the last time we hit 102F here… that air is moving this way, so thanks…showing upper 80Fs up here by Friday.

Just remind me next year and id be happy to send you some. I dont know how it will fruit in your area. Its a early bloomer. But several northern growers are trying it now to see.

Our 102 and other places 102 are very different. We are typically around 10% humidity. So it heats up fast but then drops back off. Like right now at nearly 8pm we have the windows open and its in the 70’s. Beautiful.

Very nice. That is an amazing climate out there…grow bananas, mangoes, apricots, cherries and peaches…

I see the model pumps out nearly a 1/4 inch of precip for this weekend (Phoenix)…shows a “cool” down then and warm air comes back next week/midweek…

We have been in the 40’s since Sunday. In fact, yesterday temp was colder than the temp on Christmas Dayc. I think my trees are quite confused


We have been hearing about a cool down coming, didnt know that any rain was associated with it. We got a nice .15" shower this last saturday. Always a welcome surprise in a area that only sees 5-6" of total precip a year.

And btw, bananas do grow here but rarely fruit. Mangoes and other tropicals are a real pain to keep from freezing to death in the winter. Oh and cherries arent proven here either. lol Its not growing nirvana…but its not bad either. :slight_smile: Its certianly no central valley in California…but then again at least I dont have to live in that ridiculous state either.

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I grafted one onto a Puget Gold about a half hour ago.The temperatures should be 70-80F into next week,which may help. Brady

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What a beautiful fruit! I hope to have a chance to graft Amadiocots next season.

My Tomcot and Gold Kist look as if they will be ripe in two-three weeks.

I haven’t even grafted them yet! We’ve had a relatively coolish spring.

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