Amatuer Apple Breeding Project

Found this guy’s YT channel and found it very interesting. The guy is an admitted amateur, though in watching his videos it is clear to me he is very well read and studied on the subject.
He does not net his bloom after pollenating, I think he really should, since I HAVE seen bees visiting bloom that has already dropped all it’s petals. I do understand his logic, but it seems if one is going to all the trouble, it should be worth it to ensure the end product is that which is intended.
What would be a good netting to use to protect the purposely pollenated flowers? I was thinking about that type material used to make up the rice / bird seed bags used at weddings. Any suggestions for something easy and readily available? I think it’s used in those sachets too, you know, those good smelling things women place in bathrooms and drawers and stuff.
There is a number of videos on this project that will appear at the close of this one.


I use those organza bags for saving seeds on open pollinated vegetables and they work great. I bet they’d work for apples. You can get them pretty cheap…

The uploaded of the video is a member on here. Maybe he will chime in !

Really? What his screen name?

Awesome! He’s a good video producer…good camera work and proper narration.

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