Amber Glo Interspecific

This is interesting!

The Zaigers recently patented a new interspercific Named, “Autum glo.” It’s a cross between a cherry, peach, plum, nectarine, and apricot.

Correction, the new interspecific name is “Amber Glo” not “Autumn Glo.”

They also patented a seedling of Flavor Grenade called , “Autumn Treat,” and a new plum x cherry rootstock named " New Root 3."

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The seed parent is, cherry X [(plum x apricot) x plum)], or 50% cherry, 37.50% plum, and 12.50 % apricot.

The pollen parent is, nectarine x [((plum x peach) x peach)] x [ ((nectarine x plum) x plum))], or 56.25% Nectarine, 25% plum, and 18.75% peach.

Thus, Amber Glo interspecific is, 34.25% plum, 28.125% nectarine, 25% cherry, 9.375% peach, and 6.25% apricot.

Is that the right spelling,with no ‘n’ at the end of ‘Autum’?With a combination of fruits like that,they are going to have fun trying to name the thing to categorize. Brady