Ambrosia beetles in peach trees

Hi everyone! I’m in Monroe, NC and have started a peach orchard. I have 215 peach trees in one location that are starting their second leaf season as well as a second planting that’s 20 minutes away and is much larger at 1350 peach trees.

Unfortunately I’ve got around four trees with granulated ambrosia beetle damage. One isn’t going to make it and I’d assume the other three will follow.

I’ve reached out to numerous resources included many scientists as well as other fruit growers that I’ve found that have posted about issues with granulated ambrosia beetles. Some have actually been fatal to their plantings and moved out of the stone fruit growing business due to these beetles.

I was told to spray Pyrethroid insecticides and next season to monitor very early spring with monitoring traps and as soon as I see one in the trap to start spraying but this does not guarantee control and I could still see my plantings slowly die from these beetles. A few of the scientists that I’ve spoken to have told me that unfortunately they’re still in the research phases and haven’t gotten too far with any real solutions.

Has anyone here had issues in stone fruit trees? I’d love to hear if you found something that worked. Uploading: 7153C7C5-A124-4802-BD8E-83DB1CED3DC2.jpeg…