American beetles

American beetles…I’m not a particularly vindictive person, but after weeks of battling Japanese beetles I find myself wondering if some place they are fighting American beetles…and almost hoping they are. I should invest in companies that make the active ingredient of Sevin. I need a sprayer that will shoot at least 30 feet to get to the top of the pecan and heartnut trees the little angels are dining on. I have an extensive collection of cheap pump-up sprayers and am considering actually spending some money on a better one. I can treat all my fruit and nut trees with five gallons, so a two gallon sprayer is fine. Do the back pack sprayers put out a 30 foot stream?



I had a high-pressure, gas-powered, piston pump and it won’t reach the top of small pecan trees. Especially if there was any wind.

I was afraid I might be hoping for something difficult to find. I have reached the tops of most of these trees with the hand pumped kind, though that will change in just a few years. I think if I could find a really good hand pumped one with a pressure relief at the high end I could get by. I just don’t want to drop $100 on one that is no better in that feature than the cheap ones. One from Harbor freight has worked as well as any so far, but the ultra cheap plastic pumps just don’t last, and that one sprung a leak in the plastic wand. Sevin seems to be good for my skin. Maybe the one Alan suggested in another thread will do what I want and last a while…


Chuck, If you have a John Deere Landscape store near, they make a great 2 gal. handcan, cheap too>$30. Probably not your sprayer but the spray gun. Good tree spray guns are pricey especially ones to spray 30’. Back packs won’t spray much higher than a handcan, just easier on your carry arm.