American Persimmon Frankentree Help

Have a nice 6-7 foot seedling with a lot of branches to graft to. I want to create a frankentree using only the largest varieties there are. They all taste good, so size and seed is what matters.

What does everyone consider the top 5-6 largest varieties?

Prok, Yates, Jerry Lehman series: 100-42, 100-46, 100-47, WS8-10 , H-118, H-120, and for great tasting but medium size fruits then Morris Burton and H-63A.

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your missing a point window of when to harvest ?

Any specifications

Do you want early ?
all at once ?
some that fall throughout season would be deer candy .

One thing to consider: American persimmon ‘self-prunes’ lower limbs as they become shaded by those higher-up. Eventually, varieties grafted on lower branches may ‘disappear’.


@Lucky_P – Yes I did my 1st grafts of persimmon last year – JT02 onto Prok. Roughly 1/2 dozen W&T and cleft grafts were all successful, a few bud grafts not. But the point is that one of the grafts was very alive in October (and even seemed fine in March) but is dead now because the tree killed off the entire small lower branch.


Good point. This has about six leaders(not a single) going up that will be main branches going up.

I have several persimmon trees, so not really worried about that. I’m just having some fun making a tree of nothing but jumbo persimmons.

I guess I am Lucky with this 10 years old Multi grafted American persimmon tree with 8 varieties. All the grafted trunks are quite large now and so far no self pruning. Fingers crossed.



I’m keeping all of mine clipped up to promote a bush style instead of a huge tree. Yours look good. What do you have on it?

Meader, Early Golden, WS8-10, H-118, H-120, Virginia Long, Lena, and Morris Burton #3.

Which variety are you getting the least amount of seeds? Speaking of seeds I thought Early Golden threw random male flowers.

I have one stick of Lehmans Delight and one stick of Rosseanka to get my franken tree kicked off with.

I have Jerry Lehman’ s improved male American persimmon for crossed trial so they are all seeded. Average around 2-4 seeds per fruit.