Amoore Sweet Nectarine

Is anybody growing this variety? It’s been around a while now. It’s supposed to be a freestone, less acidic, yellow-fleshed fruit that stays firm when fully ripe. The only thing I could find on it was that about a third of the fruit cracked in a trial after heavy rain (in the SE US).

The acid in nectarines helps repel bird and wasp damage, it even makes the fruit less attractive to coons and squirrels, I’m glad acidity doesn’t have the same affect on my palate as on theirs.

That said, when you can raise brix by choosing low acid varieties the resulting fruit can be quite pleasing, but in the northeast, low-acid nects haven’t been very productive for me. Of what’s available, Honey Blaze seems most productive. I have had good success with Carene, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Here, anything especially prone to cracking should probably be avoided.

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