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It may have been a mistake but I planted a bunch of semi dwarf fruit trees in some low lying ground on my property yesterday. My main orchard is on high ground for many reasons. The dirt is damp in the low lying location for another month. The area is spring fed which is why I added a pond to that location during the extreme drought a couple of years ago. I realize spring frosts will be a problem because it’s much lower ground and frost settles in spots like that. My thoughts are that there will be years when I get cherries, apples, or pears and they will produce like crazy because of the added moisture in that location. With fruit there is such a thing as to much water and it can effect the flavor. The area I planted them in is raised so there will not be a problem with them drowning. Using that ground for something productive is a goal of mine. Formerly raised a garden in that location that was very productive every 5 or so years when it was dry enough to prepare the ground. About 10 years ago I let it go to grass again because the water was a lot to work around. One more problem the deer, the deer , and the deer!!! The one place the deer are and always will be a pest is this location. Sure I can see them anywhere on my property at times but they love this location! It’s a wild and wooly spot and you can see anything there because it’s on the border of some wilder country. So do the raccoons and it’s the one place on my property with squirrels! The dirt is very rich there. The richest dirt I have. I’m not counting on fruit from this spot by the way so if I have some it will be a bonus. The location is inaccessible by any vehicle 90% of the time. Some people grow in worse locations for their primary location. I’m adding about 30 fruit trees to this spot. What are your thoughts was it a big mistake?


Any fruit you get is a bonus. Go for it because nothing ventured nothing gained.

Is it too wet to create an access “driveway” by planting a double row of willows to sop up enough of the ground moisture to the area more accessible?


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I have trees that stand in water after any big rain, but they keep growing and bearing

Others have died

I think the good soil makes a difference - where the soil is poor, the trees haven’t thrived


Definitely fence out the deer!


I did plant willows and it still flows like a river. Since it’s spring fed it never dries up 100% but I do have an access road when it does which I maintain. I don’t want to give up anymore of that precious wet land to willows because I want it for food. There is a dry road just above it that I elevated 20 - 30’ (the pond dike) you just need to carry the apples up hill so it’s not terrible.

I would say you just created yourself a gold mine. There is a tiny minority of deer hunters in Michigan that have convinced the majority that Michigan is a big joke among hunters from other states. Citing stats from a certain deer hunting group on the % of yearling bucks we harvest here. (with your state used as the ultimate example of the best of the best) . I can guarantee you it wouldn’t matter how much fruit you end up getting every year if you put the word out that you have property to $lease$ for deer hunting to those Michigan hunters . It doesn’t matter if these guys even see a deer when they hunt these other states or how much they spend( your state is the holy grail for them). All that matters to them is this belief they have to hunt another state like yours to kill a big one as there are no big ones in Michigan due to slob hunters killing them when they are small!

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I saw 4 deer there a couple of weeks ago. This morning I saw fresh prints everywhere.

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I notice that fruit tree species that are sometimes biennial seem to crop more reliably where there is sufficient water for the trees to never get stressed. Brix suffers a bit, perhaps, except with plums, that get just as sweet in very moist sites.

An advantage of growing fruit in so many different sites is, it gives you a certain advantage in observing cause and affect of location, although statistical anomalies can easily lead someone astray. There are coincidences.