Ancestry DNA tests for apples

Hey everyone!

It is clear to me that this is a community that is very passionate about their fruits. Since our lab studies the genetics of apples, I am wondering who would be interested in DNA tests for their trees. This would be similar to 23&me, but for apples (so 18&me)!

If you would be interested in purchasing such a service, please let me know in the comments, and I will talk to the lab to see if we can make something happen!



Can you do it cheaper than UCDavis?

Price: 1-5 samples $355 per sample
6 or more samples $285 per sample

I presume Dalhousie University could test with dried tissue samples, which shouldn’t have an issue crossing borders since it’s not propagation material.


I believe it’s possible! I will have to talk to the team lead. Thanks!


Apple molecular genetics. 600 genotypes.

DNA-informed apple breeding.

There’s more out there. I’ll try to find the paper I was looking for.

This one regards self incompatibility alleles. A bit over my head and not what I was looking for.

Paternity identification for apples. Still not the one I remember but Im giving up now😀

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I know there have been a few discussions here regarding various apples and trying to determine if particular trees are in fact the same as others. Some have been around long enough that it would be helpful to confirm whether some lost cultivars are in fact different genetics than other known trees. This would be a cool tool to have available at an affordable price range. Would it be limited to apples?

UCDavis can ID a lot.

The Plant Identification Lab at Foundation Plant Services provides variety identification using DNA Fingerprinting technology for: almond, apple, apricot, cherry, grape, olive, peach, pistachio, plum, strawberry and walnut . The service makes DNA-based variety identification available to the public on a fee-for-service basis. The services is used by nursery managers, growers, processors, breeders and other industry representatives. Services are available only for the above-listed crops.

Get the price down to what the common man deems reasonable and I’d bet you would be overwhelmed with requests.

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There’s a much cheaper way to do this for us, and do it in a way to keep those actually preforming the test interested.

@tomdavies Tell the grad students in the program, whoever performs the test, the payment will be a $100 gift card for their favorite bar so can have a free beer and food run. It should be like Durty Nelly’s or Henry’s House right?


WOW!!! I did not realize the testing was that high at UC Davis!!