And first out of the gate

As usual our Wonderful Pomegranates are first out of the gate to leaf out for the year.
The last to drop all it’s leaves, and the first to leaf out.


Looking’ll be at least a month before I have my first out…

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Pomegranate and banana should be pruned. Their development will be better. Pomegranate is the fruit that loves the Sun and water. All blooming fruit trees are definitely not watered while on the flower. When you water it, the tree pours its flowers. The amount of product almost never happens. When flowers turn into fruits, watering is continued.


Yeah, this tree was very productive last year with very sweet fruit. I already did one round of pruning back early jan.

As long as there is no unforeseen cold fronts, this bodes well for a good year of production!

We’ve had no freeze this year. But Utah CH looks good.

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We’ve had a few mornings of <32 (lowest being 28°F)