And so I snacked on this winter fruit!

Last Saturday, I looked for fruits inside the house to snack upon and found something similar to the orange colored one on the right in a fruit bowl. So this “orange” fruit might be the first fruits from my recently grafted cultivar, with skin so smooth. I picked up two fruits and sliced them and began eating. My goodness this is very tart “orange” and I cannot remember which cultivar is sour aside from Seville but they don’t look like it. So I ate some more slices until two whole fruits are done, while trying to remember what this is. Could it be from rootstock fruits? Hmmm. Then it dawned on me, I realized I just ate two whole fruits of very ripe Meyer Lemons, like those two on the right ones in the pic!!! On the left are regular lemons. Meyer lemon is a hybrid between an orange and a lemon and that’s why the skin turns orange when very ripe. I can’t believe I ate two lemon fruits, one after another thinking that it was just a sour orange. :joy::grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::yum:


That is amazing. My toddler tried this the other day, but he just bit the peel of a lemon and looked confused before I took it away from him. How did your teeth feel after?

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Not really affected much as it really tasted like sour orange. Not very acidic. But I think it made me stronger in the freezing cold outside as I worked in the garden the whole day.