And there remained some fruits!

Come hail, freezes, high winds or high water, my 150-n-1 fruit tree is loaded! May need to thin it out. Some cultivars have none but most have fruits. Here’s a sampler from the tree. Probably I have fruits on at least 100 of them. About 25 new ones were added this season.


Your 100 in 1 (or now 150) is world famous! Even I heard of it :slight_smile:
Please try to post some pics once some of the varieties are ripening, must be a wonderful sight

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I actually saw this on CNN a while back. They thought a 40-fruit tree was a big deal. You definately need to let them know about yours. BTW…I’ve seen this photo of it in bloom all over the net, and was pretty impressed until I took a closer look and then read that it is FAKE (the photo)! ha

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I don’t have the record for the most number of different grafted cultivars in one tree, but I have grafted the most number of species together. The current Guinness record is only 6 species, and I’ve got about 30.

My citrus has the most number of different Genera grafted together: Citrus, Microcitrus, Fortunella, Poncirus, Eremocitrus… but are debatable


Yes. How about some pics of the entire tree so we can get an understanding of the size and growth habit.

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Very impressive. What rootstock didn’t you use and how do you prune all the cultivars?

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I posted several pics of it already and a link to the public Facebook album as more cultivars are added and fruits harvested through the years.

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It was a purple ornamental cherry plum tree, P. cerasifera, planted by the city for new houses. I converted it to something useful. I only trim the tree and grafted cultivars like how the original tree branches out so I can maximize the number of cultivars and species. It was discussed in the FaceBook album on which cultivars are grafted to various places in the canopy.


This year, I hope to have more cherry fruits showing! I’ve added a lot of cherries this year, including sour cherries.

This is the picture two years ago.


and a closeup of some of the fruits on this tree. It will have much more than this mid-season this year!


I saved the link to it!

And the blooms (75-n-1).

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I know it that the bloom picture is fake right away because it is almost an impossibility to have the 40 cultivars bloom together, and more so if they are of different species such as Japanese plums, European Plums, Apricots, Peaches and 40 of them to bloom together would be only in dreams and photoshopped pictures. But of course, the attempt has noble intentions.

My 150-n-1 fruit tree has three months of blooming time on the average.


Super cool project!!

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