Another Good Year for Bark Grafts

Just done rubbing off all the new growths below the graft union. Here are bark graft results.



Sweet Cherry





When will the under stock stop trying to push new growth ?

Great photos Tony! Good work. I think I’m going to post a few photos of grafts that didn’t work. I had another year of great success (well over 90% so far), but I had some total failures too. It’s been very dry here though, so even those that have clearly taken and looking good have not put on anywhere near the growth they did last year.

Your home is beautiful and your lawn looks perfect. Everything is right on the dial at your place.


I usually keep on rubbing them off until the understock decided to stop sending out new shoots below the union.


I’ve been wondering about that. (It’s been very dry here, too.) I hope none of my grafts abort because of it. I think the early grafts (pears…) are safe, but I don’t think my later grafts like persimmons and black walnuts are safely established yet, and in my case I can’t practically water a lot of these things.

The bark on large apple trees here started slipping when the ground was still wet. We haven’t had much rain since then and the ground has dried up much earlier than usual. Plum bark never slipped correctly. Now it is too dry. I’m doing cleft and side grafts when I can.