Another pic


Please help identify problems here. Thank you!



First guess is scorched. Too dry or too hot without time to acclimate.


pear tree


Some nutrient deficiencies can do that to blueberries. Search for pictures of nutrient deficiencies.

For the pear, my guess would be pear scab.

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Blueberry could be fertilizer burn (nitrates) , as some are sensitive or salt burn. IDK about the pear.



Or soil is too acidic. Doubtful, but that is a symptom of it too. Agree it could be all that was mentioned so far.


Thanks everyone for input. Of all the ideas I think scorch is most likely. This happened in August (?) so it was certainly possible. We have about 30 blueberries (mixed varieties) and I think this 1 was the only one affected. I think it was O’Neal planted in 2015. It just seemed to happen very suddenly.