Another try at Saturday Market in Uzes France



I love that part of France. We went there 15 years ago for our honeymoon. Great artisan agriculture. I always wanted to know “The Secret of the Uzes”.
John S


Uzes has to want you. That is the secret. The orchards here are remarkable. Their growing habits are unique to the area. Come back and visit.


That looks so amazing!

What i love the most about you Mrs G is I think you can get through to everyone who says you cant feed your country with non invasive farming methods. You are here you can prove to them that Europe isn’t starving and that there gluten does not make you sick like it does in America.


Did you try the gages?


The French eat their own food. They are not only good at eating it fresh, they know how to cook. No convincing here!


The gages and mirabelles (de Nancy) are all orbs of sweetness. There will be a few plums left in the next market. If I have the energy, as all of the walking takes it out of you (good for sleeping). I will make a Clafoutis or Tarte and show you! The Coings (Quince) are coming in now along with a few apples, but not apples of note as of yet. On Monday’s, everything is pretty much closed, which is why most people here hope they live close to a pizza take out restaurant (usually the size of a door front!.)


A real Quince tarte! Sounds amazing, there smell is heavenly. I’m very sad i cannot grow them here because of disease. Please keep us updated with all the amazing fruit and produce!


Intrigued by this. Could you please say a little more?





Very true!


Yes, juicy and sweet only the Quetches are sturdy unless you let them get over ripe then they are good to cook with with.


The orchards here are very neat, and all trees are small, (semi-dwarf is the largest) and all are grown under netting;open vase shaped or columnar. I am still learning the language of agriculture snd fruit growing. In French. There is a lot of grafting that goes on here as this is the home of apricots in particular! I am trying to get the names of their rootstocks and the many , many varieties of apricots. There is a Roussillon Red that is amazing and very sweet as well as juicy. Growing habits to me refers to climate and how the growers prune and spray ( very little spray). Uzès is the hottest part if southern France. Winter really means overcast and rain, very much like SF without the sun and heat. Their might be a trickle of snow but no hard frost. The leaves have just started turning yellow this week. I will take pictures this week. Due to the extreme heat during the summer And lack of rain. fruit ripens with a tremendous amount of sugar. The varieties of figs are huge as well. Our American varieties only appear in apples.


Purple Italian prune plums , but elongated and French. That is their name.


Went to a Christmas market and a man was selling his home made quince wine! Delish in front of a fire. France is not starving.


Please describe to me Quince Wine? I have a hard time eating quince when i buy them because they smell so heavenly!


The Quince wine is very sweet And very smooth. It is really Quince tasting licqour. (Spelling)


It is creamier than blackberry wine.


That sounds great, i am a big fan of moscato and fruit wines in general and wish i could purchase some of @JoeReal amazing looking wines. The french seem to make some surprisingly good liquers(sp?) and some really vicious ones.