Any Canadians know where to get dwarfing cherry rootstock?

Hey there. I’m on the hunt for some dwarfing cherry rootstock, preferably Gisela 6 (but I’d consider any dwarfing freestanding rootstock), but I can’t seem to track down anyone selling it in Canada. Anyone here have any leads? Thanks for the help!

I’d contact whiffletree and ask. Let us know if you find a place.

FloraMaxx is selling Gisela 6.

@Piblarg Do you know their email address? All I can find on their website is a phone number, and I’m out of the country at the moment, so I’d prefer to email them.

@kypros I found that a little bit after posting this. Do you have any idea exactly how to order from them? I found an order form, but there are no prices on the website, nor is there a shipping calculator, so I’m not sure how much I’d actually owe, nor how I’d pay. I emailed them about this, but I haven’t heard back as of yet.

I got a price list last year after sending an email. I thought all of the prices were reasonable and competitive. I think shipping costs will depend on where you are since Canada is a pretty big country.

@kypros Good to know an email is the way to go. Thanks for that clarification, I’ll await their reply.