Any experience with electric bear fence?

Hi everyone, My husband is researching what we need to put up an effective electric bear fence. We live here in the shadow of the rocky mountains and a black bear has made it his habit to come around the neighborhood and raid the orchards in the late summer and fall. He has been coming for the past 3 or 4 years. Three years ago, he broke our new little reliance peach in half, to get the one little half ripe peach. It has not really recovered yet. He destroyed an established peach entirely of one of the neighbors. We have not had any fruit for the past several years due to late frosts, but we do have fruit this year. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with an electric bear fence and has any suggestions for us? Thanks Peggy

We had bees in mid Wisc. we had to bear fence. We eventually had to leave the area because bears were so destructive. The one place we had no bear problems was when we ran 110V. 20amp bare wire fence, makes a heck of a pop when a bear gets in that. State didn’t approve though, they own the bears until they make problems. Check in old beekeeping mags, they were some real innovative fences in some issues.

Well thanks for that story, We can only hope that our bear is less intrepid. thanks Chikn

A regular electric stock fence has plenty of juice to whack a bear; the key is proper grounding, like grounding one of the wires so the bear touches both. Baiting the hot wire with bacon wrapped around it so the bear gets a good whack right off the bat is considered best practice. Google “beehive bear fence” to see some good examples of grounding.

We will do that. Thanks applenut. Peggy

No bears here (yet).
Have used electric fence for decades here on the farm.
Premier ( ) and Kencove ( both carry most, if not everything you’d need for a bear(or deer, pig, etc.) exclusion fence.
Both have info/articles about bear fencing on their websites - and will probably also field questions if you have any.
I’ve purchased fence energizers and materials from both sources at one time or another, and have been pleased with them.

Thanks alot for the info Lucky-P. I will pass it along to my husband. Peggy

Around here, the local beekeeping association recommends a good sized fence charger (don’t skimp on the charger) and baiting it early in the season. Raw bacon on the hot wire seems to work best for bears (peanut butter on al foil for deer).

The idea is you want whatever critter you are trying to keep out to have a VERY unpleasant experience with the fence. That way they will stay away. You may need to repeat the baiting several times to handle new animals in the area.

It is important to do this BEFORE the animals get used to coming in, and before there is something very attractive to them.

Thanks Steve we will try that we are trying to get the fence up early for just that reason. Peggy