Any graft compatibility issues on Spice Zee on Lovell?

Peach and nectarine seem like obvious takes. But what about plums and cots? It does have plum in its lineage so I’d assume that would likely work too. What have you guys successfully grafted to a Nectaplum?

Since SZ is basically a nectarine my money would be on it acting like one.

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What are your experiences grafting plums to nectarine? Any success?

I haven’t tried that. I’ve got so many trees that there hasn’t been the need.

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Yes. I have Satsuma grafted to a seedling nectarine. No issues at all. Actually the Satsuma graft has taken over half the tree.

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Thats good to hear. For the time being though maybe I’ll just put a few of the nectarine varieties I have scions for on it. I think I’m going to buy another plum tree locally thats well branched and graft stuff to it.

Dave Wilson currently propagates Spice Zee on both citation and lovell. I put a bare root in on the latter this year and it’s been very vigorous. We’ll see how Lovell takes Phoenix summers

Lovell doesnt mind the heat at all. Its the salts and high pH that do it in early. Early like 6-7 years rather than 12-15.

For comparison:
My SpiceZee is on Citation from Raintree 4/5 years ago. Very vigorous growth in mostly clay soil (about 15ft tall… should have summer-pruned it).
Funny though, I have Double Jewel Flowering Peach on Citation as well, and it grew verrrrry slow (like inches per year, about 4 feet tall… might dig it out and send to my West Coast uncle as I assume its not good for east coast … very pretty flowers though).
and I have a Baby Crawford on Lovell that puts on pretty good growth (about 10ft tall) and great tasting small peaches (gotta spray for disease with that one though).

All are in the same row with the same kinda soil in the backyard.


Did you ever get clarity on what and what will not grow on Lovell? I’m looking at some peaches, plums, and pluots. Am I on the right track?


Bob. Bay laurels website says this about Lovell.

Vigorous, standard rootstock for plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, prunes, almonds. More tolerant of wet soils than Nemaguard, also more cold hardy. Susceptible to nematodes in sandy soils. Provides good anchorage and high degree of disease resistance. Unpruned tree height of standard varieties 15-25 feet. Size can be controlled further with summer pruning.

So it seems like all stonefruit except for cherry. While it doesn’t list Pluots I can verify that they can be grafted to Lovell.

That is good news.

No issues. Put one bare root (Spice Zee on Lowell) in the ground here in Phoenix. Got good growth last year. I was happy to see that DW finally decided to propagate it on something other than citation, as anything on citation tends to die out here within 2 years.