Any guesses for what this late apple is?

This is a nice late apple, ripening in the GoldRush period. It was supposed to be Magnum Bonum but that apple is supposed to be early fall and this one seems too far from early fall. It does look something like MB with the large widely spaced spots on top. It tastes sweet with a good amount of acid as well, brix is 17. The flesh is a bit yellowish in color, it has fairly standard apple texture. It tastes something like Black Limbertwig to me, but I didn’t get any of those this year so I can’t compare them head to head. By my memory this “MB” it is more flattened and has an unusual open calyx that I don’t remember on BL. It also reminds me of Winesap, and I also had none of those tis year to compare head-to-head. Any guesses?


Could be a Mattamuskeet apple. I’ve only read about it ripening in early to mid November. It’s supposed to have white dots on the apple similar to yours.