Any idea what I'm seeing on my apple and pear leaves?

First picture is one of my apple leaves, Liberty variety.

Second picture is a pear, Meadows variety.

Third picture is a pear, Tennosui variety.

#2 and #3 looks like Boron toxicity. I don’t know about #1.

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#1 is Cedar Apple Rust.


I thought Liberty had resistance to rust?

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#1 and #3 looks like Frog-Eye Leaf Spot to me, or the beginning of it. East of Dallas… how wet has it been?

It it is worse for me in wet years. I barely had any last year because our rainiest season was dry (April, May, June). But 2 years ago it was bad. I never had any issue with fruit rots though, which is can lead to.

Hmmm, I agree with Levers101, it looks more froggy than rusty.

Honestly, it seems like we’ve had less rain than normal around this time. Should I just pick off the leaves I see it on?

Look under a glass and make sure you don’t see any tiny orange-yellow blobs moving around. Purple spots on leaves and fruit can also come from scale.