Any Northern persimmon scions still available?

So… I had someone that is also here in Michigan that was going to send me a rare persimmon variety of scion wood that reliably crops in zone 4b. He said he would send it at “the appropriate time”. However, now that many things are leafing out I thought I had better contact him since I still have not heard anything. Seems he gave all the scions out at a meet up for a persimmon group because he said he didn’t think I had anything graft to. Really? I do & why was he going to send me scion wood if he thought that? This was supposed to be the beginning of my nursery stock, but regardless, I’m SOL. I guess that’s what I get for relying on a stranger on a persimmon facebook page to keep his word.

Anyway, now I’m hoping I can find someone with a dormant scion wood variety I can get for grafting this summer. Something that is very cold hardy. I wanted to specialize in Z5 or maybe Z4 but I guess beggars can’t be choosy. Does anyone know where I could still get some scion wood?

Starting a nursery has been incredibly frustrating due wanting to have unique varieties of plants like this. It’s been two years of being let down due to receiving dead plants, deals falling through, etc & I’m wanting give up but I have too much money into starting this business so I figured I would ask you guys.