Any nurseries selling gisela rootstocks?

We would like to trial Gisela 12 rootstock here but cant find anyone that is selling it ungrafted in small quantities. Talked to ACN this morning but no go. Anyone have any leads?

What I’ve read is that the Gisela rootstocks don’t do well in hot climates such as the central valleys of CA. You’ve even hotter. They are doing well in WA state cherry orchards.

Have you trialed any cherry on Gisela to date? Only way I know of would be to buy trees already grafted on G12.

Gisela 12 is used in the central valley growers all the way down to bakersfield. At least I believe ive read that. I could be wrong.

No I havent used any gisela at all, been rather satisfied with newroot1. But the dwarfing and precocious nature of G-12 interest me. That and all the commercial cherries offered by DWN are on g-12. Id kinda like to know if its suitable here before I waste $500 on it.

A frequent question here. Nobody is selling Gisela rootstocks retail that I know of. The company is German and they are exclusive about who they affiliate with. Cummins and ACN are the only reliable annual sources of grafted trees for the home grower. Sometimes Boyer’s has a few, but they sell out fast, and you have to call ahead. Search other related threads for more info on the various affiliates.

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Thanks Matt.

Raintree and Grandpa’s uses them (g5 or 6), they must be obtained somehow?

They are probably buying from other sources and reselling them. Pretty sure Grandpas is the non commercial side of Mosers.

Yes, I know Raintree didn’t produce Nadia, they bought the trees. And yeah Mosher’s look like they supply Grandpa’s since they direct home growers there.
Also Mosher sells Gisela rootstocks! You probably have to buy a bunch though!
They have a new one too for cherry Maxma® 14 .
Looks like they supply Adams and Van Well too. All trees grown in Michigan! Obviously Michigan is a major supplier of peach trees.

I see they grow Honeykist, Honeyblaze and Honey Royale nectarines in MI!