Any other water gardeners out there?

I just finished the annual spring cleanout on my 170 gallon water garden. I think water gardening must be like childbirth. If you didn’t quickly forget the labor involved, you would never do it again.

I don’t have any good local sources for pond plants, so I always buy online. But this year, even online there is a dearth of plants available. Also, some of the sellers I have purchased from and been happy with in previous years are no longer there. Does anyone have any good pond plant sources to share?

One of the best online sellers I have ever dealt with is Bergen Water Gardens. They specialize in Lotus and Water Lilies.


If you had been in Kentucky I could have fixed you up lilies, pickeral, acorus,
thalia, anacharis, iris and perhaps more. I’ve emptied 1500+ gallons and cleaned and refilled in one day and put the koi back.