Any pear recommendations? Zone 8b - Also, here is what I have tried so far

Hello everybody,

Are there any very rare pears that are deliciously recommended? I do see a couple of other posts, but perhaps there have been updates over the past year or so?

I recently (last fall) got to try some pears and wanted to share some pictures of the ones I liked best :slight_smile:. These pears were still hanging as of early November in zone 8b.

My three favorite are El Dorado, Nashpati, and Xue Hua Li (Snowflake).
Syan Li was good, too, but didn’t make my top 3 (maybe it should).


Included photos are of these types:

  1. Tsu Li
  2. Tse Li
  3. Niitaka
  4. Xue Hua Li (Xue Hua?) - Snowflake
  5. El Dorado
  6. Vicar of Winkfield
  7. Beurre Madame Henre Lamy
  8. Campas
  9. Dan Bae
  10. Johanthorp
  11. Madame Gillekins
  12. Nashpati
  13. Okusankichi
  14. Scipiona
  15. Syan Li


Photos of Tsu Li

Photos of Tse Li

Photos of Niitaka

Photos of Xue Hua Li

Photos of El Dorado

Photos of Vicar of Winkfield

Photos of Beurre Madame Henre Lamy

Photos of Campas

Photos of Dan Bae

Photos of Johanthorp

Photos of Madame Gillekins

Photos of Nashpati

Photos of Okusankichi

Photos of Scipiona

Photos of Syan Li


For European pears I like Warren as it tasted good being super sweet and is disease resistant. Magness is also disease resistant but will not pollinate any other pear. Everyone likes Comice but it is not as disease resistant.

Those are all good looking pears!
How did you like Jonathorp? I had a failed graft of this variety a few years ago, wondering if I should try it again in the future.

are you 8b pnw, 8b texas, 8b south carolina, or 8b somewhere else? big differences