Any person selling the more rarer grafted pawpaws like Jerry Lehmans varieties or Halvins? need recommendations also

I saw Cliff England is selling seeds of the Lehmans variteies, but I may want grafted plants (already have 500+ pawpaw seeds Im growing out, just would like a personal plant to get started quicker).

Im looking for a varieties that are:

  • very productive.
  • medium to large sized fruits (I guess as large as I can get 'em and also taking into account productivity)
  • can produce decent amount of fruit as a relatively understory tree (growing out under some pine trees, but they will get some filtered sun at some point in the day)

I mentioned Halvin, since i saw a thread where the orig tree (that died) produced large fruit as a understory tree.
I’d also be open to some Peterson varieties if that satisfies requirements above.

Note: I already have Sunflower, Mango, Shenandoah, KSU-Atwood and I think a new Green River Belle I just grafted. So looking for 2-3 different varieties that are exceptional.

Cliff had several of the Lehmann varieties in his tree catalog this year. I don’t know if he sold out yet or if its too late, but I expect you can get one for the fall if nothing else.

Halvin is a very large and good wild variety that was found by Tyler Halvin in Iowa. Cliff also has the Summer Delights that is very early and productive. I also like Jerry Lehman VE-21. very tasty and productive.


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Does anybody know whether “Halvin” and “Halvin’s Sidewinder” are actually the same variety or different varieties?


Not sure, if no one answers here… Can just email Cliff England and ask since he offers scionwood of Halvin’s Sidewinder. I was debating getting some next year.

They’re the same.