Anybody eat this?

I see that now, thanks

From what I’ve ready, artichokes are the domesticated version of wild cardoons. Please let us know how they turn out!

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I did cut some stalks and put them in water and boiled them. No green leaves, just stalks. They are not bitter at all. I’m going to braise them with tomato sauce. I’ll let you know. The reason, I’m doing this is because I have no artichokes, just a large plant. In the past, I just plant the seedlings and I get tons of artichokes, not sure why this year the plant is not producing. This plant is medicinal, good for my liver, etc…

This is how I prepare the stalks

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Thanks for the info. The artichoke glycerite medicine actually tastes good. I like it.

I think I might try to make some artichoke sauce to cook with this year, and I’m going to try to cook the cardoons.

John S

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