Anybody else ever caught this in action?


Vaguely related to gardening but still cool to see… thought I’d share! I caught a cicada emerging from his old shell.(on the bottom of my tree collard) I’ve seen the shells hanging on trees and used to play with them when I was a kid but I can’t remember ever coming up on one as he/she’s moving out. FYI these suckers are LOUD and they all “chirp?” at the same time, out of sight of course…Uploading: 569DF944-A2BF-45F2-97A1-619B8B4C399E.jpeg… Uploading: 65A74F19-23CD-464E-BBE9-A504FABF7B5E.jpeg… Uploading: B27AD470-C1D8-4C77-BB9E-FBDC8ECB3600.jpeg…


Yes as a child in Ohio that was a common site on giant black walnut trees and oaks.


Very nice. Is that one this is? I took the picture weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to looking into Id.


Yep that looks like one to me😄 they get going at night here and you can hear them from inside the house. I haven’t studied them too much but there are annual varieties and some that lay dormant for 16-17 years when they come back as a swarm. When I was a kid I heard people call them locusts, but I think more accurately they are cicadas.


Used to be, I’d see it all the time.


Pretty common.


Wish I’d have had a video camera around 1980 or so… There were so many at my parent’s home that I’d tie a string around my pants legs to keep them from crawling up onto my legs. Stand still for just a few seconds in the yard and they’d be on you. The sides of trees looked like the bark was moving there were so many. Makes me shiver to think back on…