Anybody Growing Bramley's Seedling in Zone 7

A friend in SW Virginia asks about grower experience with Bramley in Zone 7. I remember reading somewhere about bad blight problems with it. Thanks for any input.

Distillery Lane Ciderworks of Jefferson, Md grows it. Kind of a big unexciting pie apple. Not very good for fresh eating. Bruises easily and does not keep well around here.

The Brits praise it as their best pie apple in the UK climate.


Raintree claims it does well in portions of the Pac Northwest as a pie apple there.

I grew it, fine apple. It is very flavorful either fresh or cooked when you get it fully ripened. It seemed about average for FB, it got strikes during my bad FB period and was pretty good other times. I took it out because it was in too shady a spot and I also much prefer Blenheim over it.

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