Anybody know if Cummins just sold all their G41 stock?

I had 25 G41s in my cart one day and the next they don’t even have them on the site anymore. Over 1400 gone in a day? Does that sound normal?

I’ve emailed, but not heard back from them.

Doesn’t sound normal - but I’m not surprised… G.41 isn’t easy to come by.

They will e-mail you back. Or you can try calling.

This time of year I’m not surprised. Rootstocks are flying out because everyone is bench grafting. Cummins is really a good company so I’m sure they will talk with you like Matt said if you call or email. Hopefully they have more.

1400 is nothing for a single commercial order. Cummins is unusual in that they have lots of customers on both sides of the fence.

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I was mostly curious because they hadn’t had ANY listed earlier this month, and then they had about 1800 or so listed for the last 2 weeks. I was watching daily and the numbers were barely (if at all) dropping day to day. I’m certain 1400 or more is nothing for a commercial orchard order but it still caught me off guard. I was holding my order to verify some other items. (I can’t recall if they had 1400 or 1700 when I last looked which was the day before I made this posting.)

They did email back today and they are indeed sold out of G.41. They seemed to like the 935 as well, but I was really looking towards the G.41 for what I want to do.

Won’t make THAT mistake again!

Thanks everyone.

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This is not about G41 rootstock but I did ask them about Krymsk1 rootstock within the last month and at that time they said that they didn’t have any. I ended up ordering them from Raintree with my Schoolhouse plum tree. Then within the last week or two I noticed they put up 100 Krymsk1 rootstocks on their website and the next day they were all gone.

Cummins now has 504 G41 rootstocks listed on their site

I got an order in! Thank you for the follow up!