Anyone else bagging their peaches?

I just got back from another session, this time 4 hours to put on 100 bags – on the same tree. It can be quite unpleasant, as I’m not spraying any of my trees, and it’s filled with all kinds of bugs. I’m thinning at the same time I’m bagging, so you really need to get in there. I’m doing it at night, when it’s dry and cool, as the bugs aren’t as active. I also totally cover up with a ski hat and gloves which really helps. Just got a bit of a shock, as I was wearing earphones tonight and towards the end thought I heard a motorcycle – turns out it was a giant bee about 3 inches long around my head. Between the centipedes and poison snakes, I wonder why I am doing this!

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How much does a single peach cost in Japan? I can’t even answer that question for the US, maybe 15 cents-$2 is a wide enough range.

I’d like to see a photo of how this is done

I’ve never seen them cheaper than three dollars apiece. I was thinking of doing a video on it sometime, as I haven’t seen much online of this type. Last year was my first time doing it and it worked out really well. I ended up with 67 peaches in great condition.

What type of bag are you using?

Here’s a video to show the real deal. Got it all done tonight. About 200 in total on my main tree:


I organized my daughter’s second-grade class to bag the peaches on the volunteer trees that grow wild in the woods around their school. They loved it, and kept demanding more bags, although they tended to put them on in all sorts of awkward ways. I have no idea if the peaches on these wild trees are any good, but hopefully this will be the way to find out.

I just found an old picture from last year. They look a bit green, not sure if it’s the variety or the fact they were in bags all season. But they were fully ripe and very good.


I just got back from thinning out the tree. I’d say I have lost probably a third of the peaches I bagged. Various factors, but the main reason I think is the same as last year, maybe June drop or more likely I slightly damaged the beach while putting the bag on. Last year I went through a similar thing, and afterwords nearly all of them pulled through OK.
I think if I left them until theyre larger, most of them would probably be ruined by insect bites. They’re quite aggressive here.
One thing that pissed me off was my new nectarine trees. They’re looking fabulous, and I’ve never eaten nectarines before, so I’m looking forward to the fruit. But almost all of the bag fruit were snapped off at the branch, it almost looked as if somebody walked around and done it on purpose. I think it’s probably a couple of huge crows that hang around there. I caught them on a motion detector camera last year causing mischief.
There’s only a couple of nectarines left, and also new this year is likely their beak marks.

I got another trick up my sleeve I’m going to use the next time I go up there.