Anyone else seeing early fall color?

I’ve noticed a lot of early fall color this year. Even among things like Oaks. At first, I thought it had something to do with environmental or soil conditions, but I noticed that both my Schuette’s Oak (bur x swamp white hybrid), which is planted in the ground, is starting to show some yellow wish coloration on the inner leaves, and a potted swamp chestnut oak, which has had nearly perfect water and fertilizer all summer thanks to my potting mix, is showing some red inner leaves.

Yeah I’m seeing some, and it’s not really fall, it’s no water and leaf drop here.


We have been moist to wet up until early September. Only recently on the dry side.

Plus, my swamp chestnut Oak I mentioned is in a smart pot. I’m keeping it watered.

I’m actually planting it out in a couple weeks.

we are at peak color usually by the end of the 1st week oct. but this year we are close to peak right now. probably due to the drought. lots of leaves dropping already.

Even here in Texas it’s looking strange lately. We’ve had a wet year then zero rain in September. Lots of trees showing stress and dropping leaves but even those we’ve been watering. Just seems like premature fall.

Yes, it has definitely seemed odd. I saw color in some maple trees 2 weeks ago, well before I was seeing night temps in the 50s. The rain has definitely been erratic and I think that probably contributed to it. But I have some lotus that usually start to head into dormancy around now, but all their air leaves died back weeks ago as if they are going full dormant even though the temps weren’t that cold. Since they’re water plants, rain has no impact to blame that on.

I know that the shortening daytime light is a big part of it, but it does seem very different than other years. A relatively large number of large oaks in our neighborhoods have died or are declining and I’m hoping this isn’t stressing them even more.

Calling it drought color

No drought here.

It’s only maybe 15% of trees, but there are some that are losing their leaves already. That is quite unusual here this early (GA). But we’ve had some weird weather. Two weeks ago we had a period where the highs were in the upper 70s, which is VERY unusual. Now we are back up to 90s. In there somewhere the Hurricane came through. I think some of the trees have just given up trying to keep up with the weather, lol, and just decided to go to sleep early. :wink:

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I was wondering if stuff that leafed out early is going to sleep early. I figured leaves have to have some kind of “time to live” right?

Leaves have been changing in central/west central MN for a number of weeks. I’m guessing this weekend will be close to peak color in my area, maybe the weekend after. That’s pretty much right on track for a time period.

We have had an exceptional amount of rain here in Florida this year and as a general rule don’t have a ton of color change. We traditionally go from green to dead back to green.I am glad I am hearing others talk about this cause I thought I might have warped into another time…another place…:frowning: We have actually had some color change already this year and leaf fall that I have never seen before. Especially this early in the year. We are having a bumper crop of acorns falling already this year too which seems to be VERY early…Strange…It doesn’t appear to be having any ill effects…Just very strange…

Things have started coloring up here. Been really dry. I overseeded my lawn on September 10th and was assuming that Irma would create a couple of good rain day to really water it in. We’ve only seen a trace of rain once since I overseeded 17 days ago. :frowning:

Lots of leaf fall here, and the start of color changes in some areas. I think the leaf fall is also due to the dry weather of the last few weeks. While we had a cool spell a month ago, I noticed that the grass wasn’t growing as much, was it about to go dormant? I mowed a week ago, and think that we’ll have to do one more mowing and that should do it.

Today is supposed to be near 90 today, but that long awaited cold front is coming through tonight, and we’ll get some normal fall weather finally. It’ll be nice to not have the AC come on any more.

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