Anyone familiar with this?

This is on a cherry I got recently online, and it just started to come alive, the buds were originally yellow but they became green but there were some odd yellow spots now on a handful of leaves. They have an odd pattern/design if looked closely at, is this something like a virus a fungal disease or something that I shouldn’t worry about

Where am I supposed to see the weird design? In the picture I see some yellow on the leaf. The bark is supposed to look like it is cut when it is young assuming you mean the bark. I remember reading cherry indemnification and one of the ways people figure out if it is a cherry and another kind of fruit is the way the lines point weather it be vertical or horizontal.

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Sorry I didn’t specify, it is inside where the yellow is there are green circles and lines, very small not very well visible on camera the leaves are still really tiny

I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a viral issue, it could maybe be a yellow spot that didn’t recover the lack of water/light from inside the box

If the new leaves don’t get it I would just ignore it. Something could have happened to the leaves partly open on the new plant.

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Not that I know much, but it almost looks like something was nibbling at it to me. I’d like chop off the one or two leaves, bin them, sterilize my shears and wait to see what happens next.

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As for the new leaves some also have odd bright yellow dots, but it’s mostly with the ones on the bottom, some have tips that have brown veins others are just spotty with yellow. I tried researching what this can be and couldn’t find anything close other than the virus which has a pattern

It does look a bit like apple mosaic virus but I doubt a nursery tree would have that. Some of the new leaves could still have been partly out from the shipping and gotten some infection then. Wait a few weeks and see what the new leaves look like then. I would say there is a very good chance it will clear up.

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The tree was shipped pretty much with the buds still takes it, just a bit of color was showing from the brown buds, they came to life quickly, this virus you are taking about can it recover on its own? By the way this is a sucker of another carmine jewel.

If a virus it would spread it would have mosaic patterns throughout all the leaves? I did notice that there were some yellow spots on new leaves but this seems to be on the very bottom leaf or two, it’s also strange because a part of some leaves seemed a bit spilt with brown along the tip of the central vein, but I’ll see if things get worse I guess.

Yes mosaic viruses spread through all the leaves. If it has a virus it is usually stuck with it for life. So, not much you can do other than throw it out.

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Ok, I will keep on checking, this doesn’t look like anything else?