Anyone finding fall mushrooms?


I’m going to try my luck by looking for some this weekend. I’ll report back my findings if any…its been very wet the past 2 weeks…but also a lot warmer.


Looks like a wood ear to me, common in chinese cooking. They are more a texture than taste thing…i like them but they are reminiscent of cartilage, in pigs ears or off the ends of chicken bones


Last two pics hedgehogs yum… first two i dont know but a moose or bear was taking big bites out of them any idea what they are? (Quite lare 4-8inch flags )


I thought the same thing (looking at pics online).

I had bbq’ed pigs ears once and they were sublime…lol

Thank you



The good news is that entire family is edible. And yes I did pigs ears a couple times at home, It’s kind of a long process but they are really good


Did a family hike. Woods seem to have a lot of fall mushrooms popping…probably from all the rain. Also been very warm/humid the past couple of weeks. Didn’t pick any but may go back without family a do a little more exploring off trail.


Need an id on these!?


i saw this thread come up and have to post on it. sorry if hijacking. i went to check my ramps bed in a shady spot under my big spruces today. its ringed with maple logs i inoculated with shiitake spawn 4 yrs ago. these logs never produced 1 mushroom. i went to water today and found 5 big shiitakes growing out of 1 of the logs! thought the things were a fail but maybe took that long because of my cold environment? any of you northern growers have this issue with shiitake taking this long to fruit? I’m happy but shocked it took this long.


They look like honey mushrooms, but I’ve never seen them in the spring and that is just a guess from what I can see there. If you want to know you should do a spore print and try using a key. There are poisonous and hallucinogenic look alikes for honey mushrooms, I don’t eat them for that reason.


I usually find Chicken of the Woods in the late summer or fall. Found these today.


I’d love to find something like that…

I’m picking pretty nice Wine Caps last 2 weeks.

Any idea what kind of tree that was?



I usually pay attention to stuff like that, but I didn’t look at the tree. We were riding a mountain bike trail. I slammed on the brakes, collected half of it, and kept going. I usually find them on oaks.


Reishi are having a banner year on the east coast. If you have a hemlock forest nearby you can probably find all you want right now. I picked a few pounds over the weekend while fishing. These are the prettiest of them.


A small chicken of the woods on willow today.


They are edible if you get them when they are still very moist…they refer to them a jellies. I think they are pretty bland.


I gathered a plastic grocery bag full of chanterelle mushrooms out of our woodlands yesterday… I’d not had an occasion to be in the woods in a couple of months… almost missed the season, as some were past prime, but enough still popping up that most I picked were in good shape.
Also found a few indigo milkcaps.
Sauteed the indigos and the oldest/ugliest chanterelles for supper last night and put the rest in the freezer today for when our daughter comes home from CA to visit in a month or so.

Oh… and despite liberally dousing myself with OFF before I went out, I came home with hundreds of tiny little larval ticks everywhere.


Chicken of the woods is popping up again here in southern Michigan.


I have only found this once, and it was some amazin’ eatin’
Wish I could find more.


Went out looking for a chicken if the woods today, no luck. So checked a couple chanterelle spots, only a couple.

Then went down where there are cinnabar red chanterelles, plenty of those but they are tiny. Then I noticed something, can you see it?

Black trumpets, very rare around here, but I ended up with almost a pound searching areas where the cinnabar’s were also growing.


Picked the chickens in my yard today.