Anyone finding fall mushrooms?


The puffballs and wine caps are up in southern Michigan. I found a bunch of old wine caps under decorative grasses when I was trimming the grass. I always pull up winecaps and throw them under woodchips in random spots.


I’m finding winecaps we planted(?) in spring. I thought they were duds and weren’t going to come up. Something has been getting to them though- the area they are sprouting in has been dug up. There’s been a possum around at night, I wonder if they eat mushrooms.


Interesting. We have loads of possums and every other critter, but nothing really bothers the wine caps. They get bug infested in warmer weather, though. Everything is local. My uncle has deer devour pumpkins, but our deer won’t touch pumpkins.


It could just be my chickens making a mess of things as they’re so good at. They may not be targeting the mushrooms and eating them but just scratching.


Hens/Maitake are going strong in southern Michigan. I always find them on old oaks.