Anyone finding fall mushrooms?


sorry spore print is dark brown. just rechecked my manual. horse mushroom is lighter.


Saw some puff balls as well. Are there any puff ball look alikes or are these pretty fool proof?



im 99% sure those are meadow mushrooms. never seen puffballs up here so i can’t help w/ them. maybe someone else can. the meadows come up, like the horse, in fairy rings in the same area nearly every year. make sure you are picking them in a pesticide/ herbicide free area. mushrooms are accumulators of chemicals in their enviroment.


They are free of chemicals in that area for sure. I’ll show you the print after I wait at least 4 hrs.


awesome! hope you get a good harvest! i dry my excess in a cheap dehydrator. put nthem in ziplock and keep in a dry place. when you want to use some soak for 15min. in warm water. use the water in the cooking too as the taste transfers to the water as well. sautéed with scallions , real butter and some fresh garlic is awesome!


Puffballs are easy, just read through this. The latin name means “wolf fart” :smile: I really like the little pear shaped puffballs that grow on rotting stumps in the woods.


What do you think? 100% confident?


I think they are Calvatia cyathiformis, or purple-spored puffball
Since it’s not pure white inside I won’t eat this one but will eat the pure white ones only. I saw a purple mature one close by but better safe than sorry.


Looks right to me, a few fungus gnats in there that is another sign of age. I found a little chicken of the woods today, the type with a white underside that stays tender, I’ve only found it on 2 stumps here. I’d like to try cloning it on cardboard and inoculate some more. Will try to remember to get a picture tomorrow, hopefully the other has gone off as well.


I think I see those in my lawn


I’m not sure I like the spore print results. These are different types of mushrooms one which left a print and the other which didn’t that looked similar. I assumed they were both meadow mushrooms in different stages of development. I also attempted to lay the dust ball on the paper but as expected there was no print. Very interesting To me!
I would love to see those pictures of your mushrooms!
Most of us walk over our food in our yard a hundred times on our way to go buy food at the store.


yep! thats what youre looking for in the meadows. dark brown print. try a little 1st to see how they agree with you. even edible mushrooms sometimes don’t agree with certain people. my brother got sick on wine caps i grew in my garden but his wife was fine. not sure how to identify puffballs. not sure how they sporulate compared to gilled or pore type mushrooms. yours have all the physical characteristics.


The spore print you made is consistent with agarics campesteris
The one that is pink is just to young to make a spore print.
But it is pink ,which is also a good ID point.
" we call them pink bottoms here "
Be sure to check that all I’d charicteristic fit.
They are good .

The" puffball " ,looks to be a puffball.
You can not make a spore print from that specimen, as it is too young.
But at the right stage to eat.
Later they will make the spores in side the ball which you can use for id.
But at the spore producing stage they are not edible


Puffballs are everywhere right now as are many others. This morning this is what I saw in the places I looked. The rain and hot weather are making them pop up.


Middle pictures look like past prime agaricus - Meadow Mushroom (related to common button mushroom at the supermarket but, better). They are choice but,you must be very careful with the identification and not confuse them with something like destroying angel. Meadow mushrooms have pink salon gills and a chocolote colored spore print.


Here are the chickens, other stump is only a blob at this point but at least I didn’t miss them.

Found some oysters, most too small to even pick though

Chanterelles, surprised because I thought they had finished for the year.

And the best find of the day, a piece of history! 2nd artifact I’ve found ever, first was a little arrowhead that popped out of the ground this spring when I was planting a fig tree.


Beautiful mushrooms! That looks like a Native American game ball is that what it is? These were what I found and I left about 15 to send out spores. I added a quarter to the picture for size. I went back to the same spots where I know they grow but the new mushrooms are to small


I think it must be a game ball, not sure what type of stone it is but it must be man made, not perfectly round but very close and heavy.


Looking around for puffballs as I’ve been mowing pastures behind the cow herd as they rotate around… but we need some rain to make 'em pop up.