Anyone finding fall mushrooms?


Mike and I spent half the day in the woods checking the ripeness and the numbers of various patches of pawpaw. We found a few fungi while out and thought it would be great to post pictures. Mike must have found at least 10 different types of fall fungi. Think that’s a turkey tail he has in the photo. Before we know it spring will be here and I will be back to finding morels which I know much more about


From my bathroom window I spotted a patch of orange in the forest behind my house. This is a chicken of the woods. I am looking forward to Harvesting it.

My original find Oct 8th 2016. Off the 295 Beltway near Fort Meade MD

GPS 39.13132, -76.7605


You will be eating good! Those look delicious!


The only question is when to harvest. I dont want them to get woody but I dont know how big they will get.


he answer to my question was yesterday the day the photo was taken. The stems where starting to get woody. And today there was a swarm of fungus nats. But there was still plenty of good mushroom and it was good.


In front of my neighbors house. I could smell it from the street. Don’t get to excited its a poisonous Jack o lantern.