Anyone finding fall mushrooms?


I’ll get some more in the morning when it’s not so crowded. Ha, I can’t do that, not in my blood! Southern hospitality where I’m from.



Found this beast emerging in the fields the other day. Kind of dry rust powerdery innards.
I’m in W. Orygun and yes, it’s rained; but not enough to convince the Chanterelles to come out. It has been so dry that the ground is still just soaking up the rain…the creeks are still low.


They’re also a indicator for boletus edulis: King Bolete, Porcini, Steinpilz, Cep…


Check out this Lithograph form a 1897 USDA Yearbook


I got one of those oyster kits on clearance back in July. It grew, poorly but the mushrooms weren’t good looking and when I tried cutting it up it was hard and woody.

I ripped it open, chopped the block into 4 pieces and jammed each piece into a straw bale.

Thursday evening I noticed a handful of mushrooms emerging. Saturday morning I had oyster mushrooms and onions sautéed over a nice steak. Great Saturday morning breakfast.



Just found this. Not a clue what type it is


found some blue fall oysters growing out of some maple logs i used to make a raised bed. they were very good sauteed w/ garlic /butter!


Western Orygun here…it’s not been wet enough yet. Not normal.


This “Chicken of the wood” was given to me in september. It was my first time eating it. I didn’t eat chicken for many years, but this tasted exactly like chicken to me! It was delicious… I hope I’ll get another chance to eat it in the future.




How did you keep it for so long?


I didnt. I ate them when I got them !! :wink:


A fine book hereedible%20mushrooms


Article about the rapid spread of Amanita phalloides on the American W coast, imported in the roots of trees


I read that article this morning. I’m too chicken to eat wild mushrooms, particularly after reading this!


I always find oyster Mushrooms late. Found some very edible ones in early December in Nebraska.


Yes what appears to be “black thrumpet” mushrooms. I have seen them since sometime in September and they are still out there. I am guessing that they might have came with the hardwood mulch that we put down spring 2018


anyone want to hazard a guess on this mushroom? It is growing on fresh wood chips…