Anyone finding mushrooms?

If there was an “egg” it could be amanita. If not, agaricus or portobello. The distinction could be a question of life and death. Check comparisons like this but if you’re even 1% uncertain get it out of your garden bed.


@Tana , It’s definitely not a Agaricus bisporus, the gills are not brown. @resonanteye , don’t eat it.


I won’t eat it, but I’m going to let it grow on along in there. a little extra mycelium in the dirt is fine. plus it’s pretty cool to find them in the mornings.

the dog has zero interest in mushrooms so he won’t bother them

I pretty much assume if it’s not a type I immediately recognize then it’s deadly. my list: winecap, morel, chanterelle, truffle, chicken of the woods, artist’s conk (those are for art thou- not food). anything else is just a wonderful little guy I got to meet, not eat


I am not suggesting eating anything. Btw, there are xyz subspecies of agaricus many of them inedible.
@resonanteye I would not keep it if inedible if you’re growing other stuff. Mycelium can be quite competitive. I’ve made the mistake of not tossing yellow staining agaricus from our garden soon enough and it pushed out two other edible types.


Looks a lot like an agaricus species, but the gills are very pale. Check the spore print. If dark brown, look under agaricus. If white - Leucoagaricus. I get a bunch of Leucoagaricus in my wood chips every year.

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oh yeah competition. if I find any more in the winecap areas I’ll pull them. yoink

It’s bolete season! I think we sould be able to stock up on dried mushrooms this year. It seems that there is enough moisture for a really good season here after one miserable and one poor year.

And amanita rubescens a k.a. blusher which is a delicacy - just not for the colourblind.


Chanterelles are popping up here in southern west-central KY. Kate the Wonder Dog and I took a ride through our woods on Tuesday and gathered enough large ones for a meal. Most out there are still pretty small. I typically find a few Indigo Milkcaps (photos below from previous year) at the same time as chants, but did not see any on our latest foray.


Chantarelles from about 5m2. The floral scent is amazing.